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Android mobile app - can't see my balance

Android mobile app - can't see my balance

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Android mobile app - can't see my balance

Justing posting this up in case the community can offer any help.


I recently joined boost.  But I'm having trouble getting the mobile app to work on android.


I have wifi off, and data on.  I can access other webpages etc via the browser.


If I use the app, I can't see my balance.  If I click on my balance, it goes to a blank screena nd shows the loading cirle and hangs.


If I use the browser and go to, it also hangs.


I CAN dial #111# and see my balance etc.


I have tried reinstalling the boost mobile app.  


My phone is a Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro, which runs android 10.


I did only get connected yesterday.  Maybe it takes a few days for my data to flow through to where the mobile app gets the data from?


Posting this up in case someone may be able to offer assistance.

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