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Boost Automatic Recharge FAQ's

Who can use the Auto Recharge Feature?

The Auto Recharge is for all Boost customers recharging with the $20 ULTRA & $40 UNLTD® options only. The Automatic Recharge service requires you to register your debit/credit card and set up a 4 digit Recharge PIN.


How do I register for Auto Recharge?


  1. Make sure your credit / debit card details are already stored. To do this, dial #111# from your mobile handset or access through your browser and select “Recharge” and then “Auto Recharge”. You will need to set up a 4 digit Recharge PIN. You will receive a message if your credit/debit card details are not stored.  If they aren’t stored, you can find out how to here.
  2. Once you’re sure your credit /debit card details are registered, and you have your 4 digit Recharge PIN, check when your next recharge is due to expire by accessing #111# or from your mobile and select the option to check your balance.
  3. Sign up for Auto Recharge! Dial #111# from your handset or access through your browser
  4. Select “Recharge”
  5. Select “Auto Recharge”
  6. Select the date that your current recharge will run out or the date you want your first Auto Recharge to take place
  7. You will then be asked to enter your 4 digit Recharge PIN (the one you set when storing your credit /debit card  details)
  8. You’ll then receive a confirmation message advising that your Auto Recharge has now been set up.

What happens when my credit/debit card expires or I change my credit/debit card?

You will need to access your saved credit or debit card details via #111#or by typing into your browser, deleting the existing details and saving the new credit or debit card details. This must be done 24 hours prior to your next scheduled Auto Recharge otherwise it will fail.   


What happens if the date selected for my Auto Recharge doesn’t occur during a given month?

If at any point the date you’ve selected isn’t available during a given month then we will recharge your service on the last day of that month. For example, February only has 28/29 days but you’ve selected to recharge your service on the 30th of every month, we’ll recharge your service on the 28th (29th if it’s a leap year) instead. If you’d like to always be recharged on the same date every month then best to avoid selecting the 29th, 30th and 31st for your Automatic Recharge.


Can I change my selected Auto Recharge Date?

Yes, you can. In order to do so access the Auto Recharge menu via either #111# or on your handset. Select the "Recharge" option followed by "Auto Recharge". Select the "Change" option where you'll be prompted to selected a new date and then asked to provide your recharge PIN. Once the process completes, you'll then receive confirmation of your new Auto Recharge date. This must be done 24 hours prior to your original recharge date.


How much notice do I need to provide if I need to change my credit/debit card details?

For an Auto Recharge to be completed successfully with your new card details, you should update your card details 24 hours prior to your next scheduled Auto Recharge date. To check when this date is you can access #111# or, select “Automatic Recharge”, “Check your existing auto recharge” and then enter your 4 digit Recharge PIN.


Can I delete an Auto Recharge?

Yes, to delete an Auto Recharge go into the Auto Recharge menu by visiting on your phones browser  or access  #111# from your Boost mobile and selecting the Auto Recharge option, followed by the Delete option.  You will be required to confirm you want to delete your Auto Recharge by providing your 4 digit Recharge PIN.


Will I be advised if my Auto Recharge is unsuccessful?

 Yes, you will receive an SMS from us if your Auto Recharge has been unsuccessful.


Do I need to do anything before setting up Auto Recharge?

Yes you will need to save your credit or debit card details (this can be done next time you recharge via #111# or access via your phones browser).  Once your credit/debit card recharge is complete you will asked to save your card details and to create a 4 digit Recharge PIN. 


What happens if I don’t remember my Credit/Debit card 4 digit Recharge PIN?

If you’ve forgotten your recharge PIN you can have it reset by chatting to a member of our live chat team.


How can I verify if Auto Recharge is Enabled?

Dialling #111# and selecting the Auto Recharge option (option 2) and then choosing the "Check" option (option 1) you'll be able to see your Auto Recharge details once you've entered your recharge PIN.

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