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unsolicited calls/texts

unsolicited calls/texts


unsolicited calls/texts


I have had my phone service for less than a week, new phone number.  I have not given my number to anyone except immidiate family, and have already registered it on the national do-not-call registry.  I have had 

  • 14 unsolicited spam calls such as:
    • sign "important legal paperwork"
    • response to an "inquiry" about payday loans which I did not submit
    • complete the paperwork necessary to refinance my mortgage - I am not refinancing my mortgage
    • and more which did not leave voicemails
  • the texts have included:
    • success in applying for loans (I have not)
    • Something from HK Flavors - no idea who that is
    • "Get Cash Now"

and more.


Please take my number, and those from my family off whatever list you may have sent these people.  There is no other way they could have had my name associated with this number so quickly.


Please also tell me how to stop these very annoying calls and texts.  

Thank you.