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port simcard to new sim

port simcard to new sim


port simcard to new sim

hi i have simcard number which use to be <Removed for privacy> this simcard has been disabled for past 6 or more week. i was overseas and would like it reactivated on new blank simcard that i got from shop  8000 1411 1095 9N


My name is Dusko Gusavac 

born <Removed for privacy> 

any additional info please call me on <Removed for privacy> or email <Removed for privacy>



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Re: port simcard to new sim

As this is a public forum, posting all of your personal details isn't exactly the best idea. 


If your old SIM card has been cancelled due to inactivity it is possible that the number would have gone into quarentine, so it may not be possible to retrieve the number.


That being said your best bet is to give Boost support a chat on either phone or LiveChat and they will be able to sort it out for you.

You can call them on 1258881 or you can chat with them here