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lEave Telstra- join Boost

lEave Telstra- join Boost


lEave Telstra- join Boost



I have been with Telstra for many years and now just last month the 24 plan was finished . I am still paying $79 for the plan which clocked in yesterday and want to leave.

I want to be with Boost where my wife has been the last few years.


If I go to JB Hi Fi to get Boost will I be credited by Telstra for the 28 days left in the month I just paid?


Also if I go on a PrePaid, can I update anytime to a plan with a phone if I  wanted to?


Lastly, is the network the same as the Telstra one? eg In the bush  where others don't go?





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Re: lEave Telstra- join Boost



You will need to talk to Telstra directly regarding any credit refund.


Boost only offer prepaid plans, and if you buy one of the phones they sell on their website, it will be seperate from prepaid plan you select.

You could also buy a phone through any retailer outright and put your Boost sim card in it. Just need to make sure whatever phone you get is not locked to another network and covers the Telstra 3G/4G network bands.


As for coverage, Boost uses the full Telstra network. Will be the same coverage wise to Telstra directly.



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