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compatibility check

compatibility check


compatibility check

I received my new Sim today with instructions to check compatibility on the Telstra website.  The URL provided did not work but I eventually got to the right place.  I entered my IMEI and clicked "check" and nothing happened.  What do I do now?



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Re: compatibility check

There were some issues with that, apparently, it is being fixed but in the interim, if you have the model number of the phone happy to help, but it just needs to work with the following reception bands.


The most important is 850Mhz 3G, that is the main used band.

They also have 2100Mhz 3G but it isn't as widely used 

The 4G bands are 

700MHz (B28)
900MHz (B8)
1800MHz (B3)
2100MHz (B1)
2600MHz (B7)