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boost: provide the service or face the obudsman

boost: provide the service or face the obudsman


boost: provide the service or face the obudsman

I'm not going to beat around the bush and talk about how difficult and annoying the situation is because I can see many others doing the same to no effect.


The ACCC enforces consumer guarantees in Australia including mobile providers under the Telecommunications Consumer Protections code. Just a quick breakdown of the most common core guarantees and their place in my interactions with Boost.


  • Services must BE PROVIDED: Despite having a Boost SIM, activating it, and recharging it I do not have any mobile or data service.


  • Services must be DELIVERED WITHIN A REASONABLE TIME AND BEFORE AN AGREED END DATE: 4 hours is the time frame agreed to which has well and truly passed, and the reasonable time, even accounting for COVID has also passed.


  • Services must be FIT FOR PURPOSE: The SIM was purchased in a time and resource sensetive context and purchased knowing the standards for activation etc which were not, and still are not, provided. 


  • Under both the core Aus Consumer Law and TCP code, EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATIONS to RESOLVE ISSUES and manage failures of service must be provided: I have tried every option (yes all of them) while calling Boost on multiple occassions over multiple days, and I have tried to find the button for live messaging on the website which has not be present for some time irrespective of the browser, device, and internet connection. 


I have no issue with reduced customer service as this is a wholesale mobile provider but I do have issue with breaches of consumer law.


If the SIM is not active and the recharged correctly and I'm not contacted by Boost to give an explanation for these breaches I will be submitting complaints to the ACCC, the telecoms obudsman, and will be pursuing compensation for the unneccessary time and emotional energy lost by these breaches. 


Boost: if there's more than 3 people working for your customer team at the moment, I expect an email within the next few hours. Thanks.