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activating and transfering a number

activating and transfering a number

Rookie (LVL:4)

activating and transfering a number

Greetings -


My mobile phone number is and it is with Belong.

I bought a boost prepaid sim card worth $150.

While activating my new sim card, I selected an option to port in my old number.

The process was completed successfully, I received SMS messages and email stating the fact.

However, end result is:
My old number is still active and is with Belong.
I have been issued a new number with Boost!


I have tried calling multiple times (approx 6 hours on phone with Boost support). After really long holds, either they do not understand my problem or they just hold up. They continue insisting that my number has been ported but fails to explain why my old sim card is still working and new sim card outbound calls have a new number on it.


I am reporting this issue to TIO.

Rookie (LVL:4)

Re: activating and transfering a number

My issue has been fixed within one day of lodging a complaint with TIO.


So far, I am happy.