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Welcome to Boost Community

Welcome to Boost Community

Community Founder

Welcome to Boost Community

Hello Boost Community!


Welcome everyone, my name is Lewis. Smiley Happy

I'm a young bloke from Gold Coast, Queensland. I've been with Boost for almost two years now. Like many of you I've made the transition from the Optus to Telstra network. I've been active from time to time on the Facebook page but I'm here to help anyone with any questions they may have regarding their Boost service or any troubleshooting with handsets.


Please feel free to approach me should you have any questions, I have a few extra tricks up my sleeve.


Stay Living!

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Re: Welcome to Boost Community

Hi everyone!


My name is Glenn. I'm in my 20s and live in Sydney. I'm a qualified Personal Trainer and work in the fitness industry.


I am a relatively new customer, after switching to Boost UNLTD the moment they switched to the Telstra network!


Speed, coverage and reliability are important to me, which is why I rely on Boost! I am always trying to help people, from the gym to the phone, which is why I enjoy beating the Boost reps to answering questions when I can Smiley Wink

Community Founder

Re: Welcome to Boost Community

Pete here.

From Central Coast NSW. Mid 30's, stay at home dad currently. Been with Boost for a few years (back to Optus).

Spend a good chunk of my day reading forums on different topics, mostly to drown out the noise of Dora the explorer, and thus maintain some sanity.


This forum is for Boost Australia queries only. For Boost Support please contact PH 1258881 or