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SIM Activated for 7 days but SMS and internet are not working

SIM Activated for 7 days but SMS and internet are not working

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SIM Activated for 7 days but SMS and internet are not working

I activated my Boost SIM on 01/09/2020 as well as ported my number from Vodafone to Boost Mobile. As of 07/09/2020, the only thing that works is make and receive phone calls. I am still not able to send SMS or access the internet.


I have spent at least 10 hours in the past 4 days on Boost Mobile Chat trying to resolve this problem but no one seems to be able to help me. One of the support personnel on Chat advised me that she could not find my number on the Boost database and that the SIM serial is associated with other customer (name).


I was ready to throw the $300 Boost SIM in the bloody bin and move on. So I went to the Tesltra shop asking them to sign me up to their $65/m plan as well as port my number from Boost Mobile. Telstra checked the Boost Mobile activation status for my number and advised that the SIM has not been activated. The person at the Telstra shop gave me the (real) order number and asked me to check with Boost Mobile.


I went on the Boost Mobile Chat again and asked them to check the status of the order number that Telstra has given me. The customer service person at Boost Mobile then raised an incident with their technical support team and advised me that the incident will be resolved within 24 hrs. I was so happy that I though I have won the lottery.


24 hours later, nothing has changed. I then went back on Boost Mobile Chat again and asked the customer support personnel to check the status of the incident reference number that Boost Customer Service has given me 2 days ago. The Customer Support personnel said that she has transferred me to technical support and in time, the technical support personnel would assist me. 3 hours later, I was still waiting for technical support. So I started another Chat session and the same Customer Service personnel answered query and told me that because I have closed the previous Chat window, I have to go to the back of the queue for Technical Support. I asked her how much longer that I have to wait for Technical Support to talk to me. She did not answer and disappeared. I then asked "are you still there" numerous times but no answer.


So I have paid $300 for 240GB and 12 months to use Boost Mobile's network as well as ported my number to Boost Mobile. I have activated the SIM on 01/09/2020 and as at 07/09/2020, according to the order number that the Telstra shop has given me, the activation process has not completed. I am willing to dump the bloody SIM in the bin and join Telstra on their $65/m so I can have SMS and internet on my smart phone and I CAN NOT even do that because the number has disappeared in the Boost Mobile system.


I have spent 10 hours talking to Boost Mobile (on their Chat system) and NO ONE can help me. I really DO NOT know what to do. What is wrong with Boost Mobile? Why are they taking people's money and not provide the services that people have paid them for?


I am willing to dump the $300 SIM and move to another network and I can not even do that.


Please tell me what else that I can do to save my phone number, which i have had for the past 20 years. Because I am ready to take the fight to the Telecommunication Industry Ombudsman or even suing Boost Telstra for damage.


For those who is thinking of moving to Boost Mobile, ready this and put yourself in my shoe and decide for yourself.


07/09/2020 at 15:35 hrs, spent another 3.5 hrs with Boost Mobile Chat again today. The Customer Support Officer advised that her supervisor has escalated the problem to technical support for resolution. She anticipated that it would be resolved tomorrow morning (08/09/2020).

A very Frustrated Customer.


08/09/2020 at 14:50 hrs, spent another 5 hrs with Boost Mobile customer services again today. I went through 2 different customer service personnel and in the end, the customer service person said to me she will transfer me to Technical Support for activating my SIM. After 20 minutes, the Technical Support person told me he's from Telstra and he has nothing to do with Boost Mobile. He asked me to go back to Boost. I asked him if he can transfer me back to Boost Mobile, he said he has no facilities to do that. After 5 hours and all the lies from Boost Mobile, I am back to square 1. The SIM has been activated for the past 8 days and I am still not able to send SMS or access the internet on my mobile phone. What do I need to do to get Boost Mobile to provide the services that I have paid $300 for?