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Porting to boost

Porting to boost


Porting to boost

I tried porting my number to Boost on the 1st of November for a "24-48hr" wait. + maths = yesterday was 2 weeks (336hrs) waiting, & it hasn't gone through yet. I called Boost on a Monday after 2 business days. They gave me Telstra's porting number. I called them Tuesday ..and Friday **with bonus reference number INT 1-1762940787571 ..and I called again this week for same "There'd been an outage, it'll go through today or tomorrow". HELP ME! How will I be compensated? -stranded
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Re: Porting to boost

In 90% of cases porting is done within 4-24 hours, in some rare cases if something goes wrong it can be longer. It is hard to say what is causing the issue and as this is a public forum no one here would be able to sort it out for you. 


I would suggest calling the porting/activation team again and give them the INT number and see if they have an update for you. Alternatively, you can lodge it as a complaint with the details here: