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Porting mobile number is pain

Porting mobile number is pain

Amateur (LVL:1)

Porting mobile number is pain

I purchased $40 starter at post office and activated it. It took 2 days for an activation because it kept saying that the sim number is invalid. So I had to bought another sim card and tried it. So finally it was activated and I have waited 1 week to port from Optus. 

When I called customer service 2 days ago the person told me the porting service is needed to be done manually so I had to wait 24 to 48 hours again. so I did. But the result is? I cannot use my phone yet.


An operator I talk to today told me they cannot refund nor can do anything for me at the moment. My sharemate asked me about moving on to Moost Mobile so I told this story to her and said 'NEVER USE BOOST' ever.


Are there any other people who have waited like me?

Champion (LVL:1)

Re: Porting mobile number is pain

I would suggest email  (make sure you include your full name, date of birth and Boost Mobile number) or try calling 02 9299 9655 for their head office and asking to speak to a customer service manager and lodge it as a complaint to get it investigated further for you.