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Porting from Vodafone to Boost

Porting from Vodafone to Boost

Rookie (LVL:3)

Porting from Vodafone to Boost

Hi guys thanks so much for sharing and posting your stories and wisdoms. May I know about your experience porting mobile phone service from Vodafone to Boost in the recent 2 months or so?

I am thinking of moving my mobile phone plan from Vodafone to Boost for better internet connection. If it is going to be lots of issues I might just get a backup sim from Boost instead of porting my original number over? 

I haven't seen porting issues from Vodafone to Boost lately so perhaps it is a good sign. After reading all kind of your stories I am prepared to spend 2 weeks weeks porting as long it will be still be done. Any comments would be appreciated! Thanks in advance! 

Rookie (LVL:4)

Re: Porting from Vodafone to Boost

Use a $2 Boost sim to port your number to them and recharge later on with the plan of your choice.

No issues to port as long as you have all your details ready from Vodafone.

Rhe number you wish to port should be registered under your name as well.