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New UNLTD Plus™ Offer

New UNLTD Plus™ Offer

Community Manager

New UNLTD Plus™ Offer

On 12 July 2016, we will launch an exciting new offer - Boost UNLTD Plus ™. The new offer gives Boost Mobile customers more choice with three prepaid plans; all with more standard data and some with unlimited calls and texts to 10 international countries.

As a current Boost Mobile customer, you can choose to stay on your current offer or change to the new offer. It’s simple to change offer just see the details and instructions below, but be aware once you change your offer to Boost UNLTD™ Plus you won’t be able to change back..

Here’s what you need to know:
• Changing to the new Boost UNLTD Plus™ offer means you will have 3 new prepaid plans to choose from
• New Boost UNLTD Plus™ $25 plan will include up to 5.5GB of data
• New Boost UNLTD Plus™ $40 plan will include more standard data
• New Boost UNLTD Plus™ $40 and $50 plans will include unlimited international calls & text to 10 countries
• 28 day or next recharge expiry

Click here full details on the new plans.

How do I change to the new offer?
From 12 July 2016, Boost customers can change to the new offer. It’s simple to change your offer, just follow these three easy steps:


Using your phone open up your favourite recharge option:


Go to “My offer" then select “Change Offer” and follow the prompts.

Your inclusions will not change until your next recharge (i.e. if you have an active recharge when you change offers these inclusions will remain the same until your next recharge). On your next recharge, make sure you select a plan on the new offer $25, $40, $50.

If you change to the new offer you will not be able to change back so to check the offer details fully before you change.

More questions? See our full FAQs.

Rookie (LVL:3)

Re: New UNLTD Plus™ Offer

I can't figure out how to find my offers it won't show do I find it? I've downloaded the boost app and it doesn't even have it? What do I do???
Rookie (LVL:4)

Re: New UNLTD Plus™ Offer

tried changing offer this morning from the old $40 to the new $40 plan but keep getting the following sms "hi from boost: sorry your request to change offer has failed"

have tried via #111# via and via live chat. Live chat said it was done, but not reflected via #111#

the request goes through but then a few mins later the sms above is received.

any ideas ?

Community Manager

Re: New UNLTD Plus™ Offer

@Zlucas501 I have double checked and it appears that the app update has been delayed, it should be out later today. You can still change via the other methods.


@roccon it will still show the old offer until you recharge as the old offer still applies until that point. Apologies if this was unclear. I suspect that the error SMS you are getting is because you are trying to change offers to something you are already on.

Rookie (LVL:4)

Re: New UNLTD Plus™ Offer

should I have received an SMS to say it was successfuly changed ?


Re: New UNLTD Plus™ Offer

Like roccon, I could not change offer using any method, whether by App, website, or #111#, and getting the "sorry your request to change offer has failed" message. Since you said the old offer will apply until recharge, I tried recharging. Unfortunately, I am still on the old offer and have now wasted $40.

Champion (LVL:1)

Re: New UNLTD Plus™ Offer

Hey singularity,

I would suggest chatting with support. They should be able to make sure it is moved over and should be able to sort out your entitlements from your recharge too. They are available 24x7 here:
Rookie (LVL:4)

Re: New UNLTD Plus™ Offer

Can u help me