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International Student

International Student


International Student

Can a SIM from Boost Mobil be purchased in Australia and used in a US iphone? Or will a new phone need to be purchased? If so, can you purchase phones through boost mobile? 

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Re: International Student

As long as your US iPhone is unlocked then you can use a Boost SIM card in it. Boost SIM cards will work in any unlocked device which is comaptible with the bands used by Telstra (which the iPhones have been). 


So yes, just make sure it is unlocked, if you got it through a carrier in the US, just give them a call and get them to unlock it and you should then be good just putting the SIM in the phone when you get here.

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Re: International Student

Hi to Internantional Student,


 Just another check to remember: We do not use 'CDMA systems' in AUS; some cariers do in North America. So, unless you already know that your iPhone is compatable with TELSTRA's frequencies ['network provider' used by BOOST in AUS for both 3G/ UTMS & 4G/ LTE] , I suggest asking your USA provider what 3G/ UTMS/ HSPA+ frequencies are onbard your model of phone.


For general Boost use, you MUST have 3G/ UTMS/HSPA+/ 850 MHZ for both voice and Data. [Telstra 2G/ GSM Voice/ Edge is closing down nationaly from 30th November 2016].


If you want 4G/ LTE with Boost, you will need LTE Band 28/ 700MHz on board for country areas and some new suberban towers. Band 28 is not always onboard overseas phones, as few countries use it. Telstra are in process of upgrading to Band 28 in all AUS States; but LTE/ Band 28 still has poor coverage in many areas. So, you will be reliant on 3G/ 850MHZ towers for your Voice and most of your Data. Even if you use 4G/ LTE for Data, any VOICE/ Text use will automaticaly drop back to 3G/ 850MHz.


Hope your phone is compatible.  


Regards, Shalama.