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DRamas with porting a number

DRamas with porting a number

Amateur (LVL:1)

DRamas with porting a number

Hi, I'm mainly asking this for the sanity of my father.  After telling them how good my Boost account was, I convinced them to change to Boost from Southern Phone.  My mother did hers, no problem, spoke to someone who pressed all the right buttons and literally a few minutes later her number had been transferred and all was good.


My Dad then tried, everything sounded ok, except he was told it would take 48 hours.  Ok, fair enough, he waited the two days, didn't work.  He called Southern Phone, they said they've handed the number to Boost.  Boost says "Working on it".  It's now been 18 days and he still doesn't have a working phone.  You've offered to give him a new number, but he wants to keep the old number, so every day he spends over an hour in the queue, speaks to someone who goes, "Oh" and then "hmm" and finally "working on it."


My favourite is when they say they've sent code to the number and he needs to tell them that.  Except his phone doesn't work as he's calling from a landline and his old number is somewhere in limbo anyway.


Any suggestions on when he'll be able to get his number working correctly?  I am starting to fear for his sanity...

Rookie (LVL:3)

Re: DRamas with porting a number

Is it working now ?