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Activation payment issue

Activation payment issue


Activation payment issue

I experienced issues activating a new sim that I was porting from another provider. When activating I did the $200 top up but the activation kept failing. After speaking to customer service I was advised that since the activation didn't go through no money would be taken out of my account and to try again.

I got a new sim and tried again and it went through.

ive now seen that BOOST took 4 transactions of $200 from my card. That's $800!!! I only topped up with $200 and that's what's showing on my account.

ive spoken to Boost numerous times only to be told that they cannot offer me a refund as the money hasn't hit the account and to simply speak to my bank. My bank confirms that the money has been taken out by boost.

this is ridiculous! This is a lot of money we are talking about and I want it back please!