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18+ day port & no compensation

18+ day port & no compensation

Amateur (LVL:1)

18+ day port & no compensation

Hi all,


My number finally ported over from Kogan after several phone calls to Boost and the Telstra Porting team and having my case "escalated" and told to wait 3 business days (then another 3, and another 3 and so on...) So if you're still waiting, there's hope! It only took me 18 days. :'(


The most annoying thing about this process was having to renew my Kogan prepaid plan continuously to have some sort of service for everyday use. I've spent $50 to recharge with Kogan while waiting to be ported through to Boost. Considering the 6-month Boost Sim I purchased was $100, I don't think this is very fair. The recharge was just the bare minimum as well, just that it was done weekly because I was given so much false hope that it'll only be another day or two.


I know I'm not the only one who has had long waits. My question is: Has anyone been able to get any form of compensation from Boost?


I feel so sad and a bit ripped off and would have never put myself through this process of I had known it could take almost 3 weeks. :'( Thanks all.


Edit: And the Telstra Porting team is really good at hanging up on me right after about 5 minutes of hold tone. Usually takes about 3 phone calls until an operator actually picks up and talks instead of hanging up. Good luck to anyone needing to deal with them. 

Rookie (LVL:3)

Re: 18+ day port & no compensation

I am experiencing the same issue. I thought Boost would be better than Optus with regard to customer service, however, this is utterly appaling!!!

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