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myboostmobile and help (or lack of)

myboostmobile and help (or lack of)


myboostmobile and help (or lack of)

Not sure if others have had the same problem, but I received the email and SMS about moving to the new app (MyBoostMobile) which I thought was good as the original Boost app was trash and thought my grandson could code something better using switch. Anyway tried recovering the Boost Id and/or password but after numerous tries just didn't receive any emails despite it saying they were sent. I wanted to query why I got an SMS saying to recharge now when I recharged only a few days ago. Fired up the chat on the app but obviously it's just some bot as it just said to check my email. Finally seeing how the customer support totally sucks, as you just can't seem to be able contact anyone. Anyway probably easier to switch over to a wollies $30 card as I don't see what benefit Boost is offering at the moment.


Re: myboostmobile and help (or lack of)

Yes since the change I've had nothing but problems with recharging but especially with my data simply draining away. Chat is unhelpful 

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