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data usage check

data usage check

Amateur (LVL:1)

data usage check

How do we check our data usage online, only way I can see is you need to make a phone call to check the usage.

I must have mistaken I thought we were currently in the year 2015 not 1990? Please tell me their is an online approach to check data.


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Re: data usage check

Hi there Steven


Not sure where you got the phone call bit from.


All the information on how to operate a mobile service with Boost is contained in the User Guide which comes with the Boost Starter Kit.


But in short, the two ways of checking your balance are...


#111# [SEND] on your handset. This is the USSD service which allows you to check remaining data, expiry date, details on your offer, recent history and of course to recharge.


The other method (also on the handset) is the following website, this will only work on your Boost Pre-Paid service. This supplies the same information and includes the same features as the USSD service.


It may be 2015, but the two offers that Boost have, UNLTD and ULTRA are quite simple and really don't need the extra bells and whistles. Afterall we don't really need to complicate things for the sake of having features/components on a website for instance, when they're not necessary.


Apart from having a longer list of past transactions (in which case you'd have to suggest going to a post paid service provider and pay extra for that feature), I'd say Boost fits the bill for the majority of the company's prepaid customers.


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