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boost add ons and roming

boost add ons and roming

Rookie (LVL:3)

boost add ons and roming

i purchased an ad on so i could txt while overseas , however it appears boost has no sevice in the Philippines AS  i can not call, text or buy another add on from my laptop !! THERE IS NO WAY TO LOAD OR CONTACT THESE PEOPLE !! To say this is dissapointing is being generous as i have clients calling and no way to answer them costing big bucks .If there is a way to purchase an add on to txt home i would like to know ,if not beware this company !!

Champion (LVL:1)

Re: boost add ons and roming

Prepaid services aren't really designed for business use, nor are they the best for international usage. 


You could try livechat - and see if the staff can help...