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Service lags

Service lags


Service lags

I've been with Boost a long time. But one of the most recent issues I've had has been service/good signals. Before it just in areas that you'd expect to have bad service, now it doesn't even matter it seems. It doesn't say "No Service" it has two bars and says LTE, but it's enough to disrupt whatever I'm doing whether it's playing a game, sending a message or anything else and it's becoming a hindrance and a nuisance. Has anyone else been having this issue? Is it my phone? I currently have an iPhone SE just ordered a 6 (I refuse to pay almost $700.00 for a phone right now). Both kind of old models...whatever it is, it's made me want to find another carrier and the only reason I haven't is because Boost is what I can afford right now and MetroPCS isn't much better. 


Re: Service lags

Hi @jrogers


You've posted on the Boost Australia Community.  Head over to Boost Mobile USA for assistance.


Good Luck


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