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Samsung S9 and S9+ Bluetick Certified

Samsung S9 and S9+ Bluetick Certified

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Samsung S9 and S9+ Bluetick Certified

Telstra has confirmed that the newly released Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ phones have been Blue Tick certified.

If you haven’t heard the term “Blue Tick” before don’t worry, it’s a good thing! Blue Tick certified means that that the Samsung S9 and S9+ has been through and passed a raft of Telstra testing to deliver superior voice coverage in rural and regional areas, providing our regional customers with the best coverage that current technology can provide.

Find out more about the Samsung S9 and S9+ specifications.

About Telstra’s Blue Tick:

  • Telstra’s Blue Tick signifies that a mobile device has been thoroughly tested and delivers superior voice coverage in rural and regional areas
  • It was established by Telstra 11 years ago to help regional customers choose the phone that would provide them with the best coverage experience
  • Devices are tested for receiver sensitivity in a laboratory under controlled conditions and in rural areas on the Telstra Mobile Network, ensuring optimal call quality for customers

This joins the current list of Telstra certified Blue Tick phones:

Alcatel Pixi Vibe

Alcatel Quatro 4.5

iPhone 6s

iPhone 8

HTC Desire 510

HTC Desire 530

Huawei Y5

Telstra Signature 2®

Samsung Galaxy A5

Samsung Galaxy Core Prime

Samsung Galaxy J1 & J1 Mini

Samsung Galaxy J3

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+

Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+

Sony Xperia XZ Premium

Telstra Tough Max 2™

Telstra Flip 2


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