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  1. I bought 1x$120 trio sim last night

But it paid 3 of them. Called service centre 2 times and they said use live chat or wait till receive the sim and call back. But for the pandemic, there’s no working staffs in live chat. What should i do ..


Re: Refund

I'm in a similar frustrating!

I bought 2 sims during the January promotion...instead of $150 they were $135 each.  They didn't arrive, they didn't arrive, they didn't arrive...lots of messages from Boost saying they were delayed in the warehouse...I was assured the warehouse is in Australia (I thought maybe the sims had to come from China and were delayed due to the virus etc) and I still can't understand why I could buy the same sim cards at our fully stocked local Woolies and yet the warehouse couldn't send them.  Anyway, I asked for a refund on the 17 Feb 2020....assured that would be still waiting.  Several conversations with Boost, both online and by phone, including with reference numbers and still no refund.


Good luck to all trying to get money out of this stone.