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Rapid data usage since late 2019

Rapid data usage since late 2019

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Rapid data usage since late 2019

Apologies if this is discussed elsewhere, I wasn't able to find a thread.

Up until late 2019, I would use a $30 or $40 per month recharge and almost never use my data. I'm fairly tech savvy and pretty sure I've covered all ways of minimising data usage: iPhone is on low data mode, apps don't background refresh, turning data off unless using it when outside of wifi, phone on do not disturb more as much as possible to minimise notifications etc

Since late 2019, I am going through a recharge in no time. Even a $50 recharge. Has the price per mb increased? Or the price per kB? 

I have used all my data on a $30 recharge now in 8 days (21-29 Jan). That shouldn't be happening.

If it continues then Boost is no longer the good service I have enjoyed it to be for some 7-8 years now.

Any suggestions from fellow users or Boost reps would be much appreciated.

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Re: Rapid data usage since late 2019

I have not witnessed any such change in data usage at all, nor heard of other users claiming similar.

I would suggest checking in the Cellular Data or Mobile Data section of the iPhone to see what apps are consuming the large amount of data. Should show something in "Current Period".


Only thing I can think of outside of an app, is maybe a firmware update trying to complete (but failing and retrying) over mobile data.


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