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Random calls

Random calls

Rookie (LVL:3)

Random calls

Over the past couple of days I have received a few calls from numbers not on my contacts list (both landline (03) and mobile. 
ive not managed to answer the call at the time, but the caller didn't leave a voicemail (I have the default mailbox, not personalised)

When I gave tried calling back (return the call from the missed call notice) none of the alleged callers have made a call to me, or in 2 cases, at all recently. 

is this a new form if scam coming on stream?  Spoofing someone's caller I'd?

or is there a fault inherent in Telstra currently?

Community Founder

Re: Random calls

This scam (where the caller spoofs a number not their own) is fairly common. Can happen on any number/provider.

I occasionally get them on my home phone also.

To combat it, I simply ignore callers who don't leave a voicemail message.

* I am a Boost Australia customer. This is a peer to peer community where users help each other.