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Prepaid $150 Card

Prepaid $150 Card


Prepaid $150 Card

I bought the prepaid $150 SIM card with the 80gbs plus an extra 40gbs in mid March. I have the Boost App and have noticed I cannot get an estimate on my used data. I have no idea how much I'm using, used, or have left to use. I have rang Boost who couldn't tell me simply how or where I can find this!! What's the go? Why isn't it available? Can anyone help please?

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Re: Prepaid $150 Card

It should be listed on the app (when connected via mobile data only).

You may have to press the "more info" button to open up the breakdown if there are multiple data groups there.


Alternatively, you can call #111# and use the onscreen display to check the same info.


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