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Porting Telstra network number into Boost

Porting Telstra network number into Boost


Porting Telstra network number into Boost

I understand porting Telstra number into Boost is a pain involving blank simcard.
I am not with Telstra but with Telechoice that uses Telstra mobile network.
I've heard people have great difficulties even with porting numbers in that uses telstra network such as Aldi.

Has anyone port in a number that uses telstra network recently? and was there a problem? how long does it take. Do I need a blank sim or a $2 sim, or should I port to a different carrier say Optus then to Boost?


I've read in some forum 6mths to port in and still not resolved.

I am nervous of losing my +25 y.o number in cyberspace.



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Re: Porting Telstra network number into Boost

You do not need the blank sim if you are porting into Boost from Telechoice or Aldi. Only needed if you are coming from a direct Telstra account.

A normal retail sim pack (event the $2) will do.


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