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Phone's Status

Phone's Status


Phone's Status

I bought 2 phones on line on 4/21/2020, order# ek-bepp-927292505, received a message that they had shipped, Fedex# 179889293819 - Fedex has no other info, other than a label was created. I finally got someone at Boost customer service and was told " We have escalated your request, your case ID is 274581987. Please allow from 1-3 business days for an update. that was on May 8th it is now over a week. I paid  $427.98 over 3 1/2 weeks ago. Can you please tell me am I getting these phones ? If not then please refund my money. Thank you!


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Re: Phone's Status

You've posted on the Boost Australia community forums.  I believe you want Boost USA   instead.


This community forum is for Boost Australia queries only. I am a Boost customer, and my comments are purely voluntary. For Boost Support please contact PH 1258881 or