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Petition for Boost to sell 4G from Telstra Network

Petition for Boost to sell 4G from Telstra Network

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Petition for Boost to sell 4G from Telstra Network

Hi to all,


Please submit a reply here if you don't want to wait another year for Boost to sell Telstra's 4G (LTE) network. From Computerworld's blog in March this year (link below), it doesn't seem as though Telstra are planning to wholesale their 4G (LTE) network until at least the middle of next year. By then, I'm confident at least 25% of Boost's current customers will have switched to Optus MVNO's. Thing is, if those operators/resellers can offer packages that include unlimited standard national mobile and fixed calls (incl voicemail), unlimited calls to 1300/13 numbers, unlimited voicemail retrieval, unlimited standard SMS + MMS, and no less than 4GB of data for around $50 a month, why can't Boost give us that on Telstra's network?
Bring us these 4G services NOW, Boost, or watch your customers leave you in droves as they commit to better alternatives!

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Re: Petition for Boost to sell 4G from Telstra Network

Hi there

I can't wait for 4G for Boost. Bit I will wait. I have tried the Optus MVNO of which I think you speak and Optus 4G is terrible in my area.

While I would like to see Boost 4G sooner rather than later, it's not Boost's door step you need to be picketing, it's Telstra Wholesale. Boost has little say (to be honest, no say at all) in if and when 4G will be available on Telstra wholesale.

As for customers leaving in droves. That would speak volumes... but I can't even imagine that happening. I believe it's network reliability and pre-paid offers that attract most customers. Not everyone is like us - most just want a service that works and wouldn't care if it were from a 3G or 4G network.
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