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NO MMS on prepaid plans ??

NO MMS on prepaid plans ??

Rookie (LVL:3)

NO MMS on prepaid plans ??

As a potential new Boost customer, I made some enquiries to the Boost online chat service.


I just got told that the prepaid unlimited plans do not include MMS (photos or large texts).


This is inspite of there being no clear indication at purchase time that says that local MMS is not included. The $5 addon description is confusing because it seems to relate to International roaming.


To make things more confusing, I called the 1258881 helpline and the fellow insisted that local MMS IS included.


The boost online chat service officer said that the policy was changed in February 2018 and MMS is NOT included.


I'm getting 2 different messages.


Can anyone offically shed some light on this ?


Champion (LVL:1)

Re: NO MMS on prepaid plans ??

The CIS is your best bet for the official answer and it lists the exclusions as 


"UNLTD® Calls and Texts excludes calls and text to international numbers, satellite and premium numbers (eg. 19xx numbers), operator assisted calls (most 12xx numbers) and all

use overseas. For personal use only and the Telstra FairPlay Policy applies."


It does not have any other details about MMS charges being different, there is no charge listed for MMS other than to overseas numbers. If it isn't in there it really shouldn't exist.

Rookie (LVL:3)

Re: NO MMS on prepaid plans ??

Thanks.  So I assume that because it isnt mentioned , then there is no charge?  I'd prefer it to be more clearly defined.   As it happens, there doesn't appear to be a charge on my new service, but I did spend 2 hours arguing with the chat line. They insisted that local MMS would cost me 75c each. I had to escalate before I got any sense on the issue.