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My brother recommended boost. I went to the store in Portsmouth ohio it was closed the sign said it was supposed to be open till 8pm it was only 4pm I take my wife to work then went to walmart. I drive past boost again an it's open I walked in and the girl that works there said ( sorry I went to the store to get cigs and missed the fed ex truck.) Anyway when is it ok to lock up the store during business hours go do what ever then come back. This makes me not even want service what eles would I deal with
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Re: Mad

Hey @leelee01


You have posted on the community for Boost Mobile Australia. Sounds like you want Boost Mobile in the US instead. (Seperate Businesses) 


Try here:


As far as your feedback, if they are the only staff in the store, then maybe the needed to have their break and  a part of that is closing the store for a couple min... honestly you just sound like a bit of a precious tool, someone taking a quick break is hardly a personal attack on you or really has no relevence to a network capability in the slightest...