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Lost my phone

Lost my phone


Lost my phone

I lost my boost phone yesterday.  I live rurally.  I went to town to buy anopther phone but could not get a boost phone, there was some problem and they had recalled all their phones or something. I purchased a Huawei smart phone. I also purchased a boost sim card to get me back on line.  I want to keep the number that I have with boost.  When I lost my phone I still had 1-2 weeks unlimited and was wondering if I could link this up with this new phone.  I cannot ring boost as I have lost my phone so this is the only way I can contact until I activate the card that I have.  Im currently at the library on the internet once I leave I have no further contact as my internet was used through the phone that I lost.  Im selling my house myself, I have someone in hostpital I cannot go home without some form of communication 

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Re: Lost my phone

Hey GJK,

You would need to speak to the accounts team, if not by phone, you can also do it via livechat here - and that will get you through to a staff member who can help at that time whereas the forums are community based so the users are primary other customers.

Hopefully everything turns out for you though.