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Location log

Location log

Rookie (LVL:3)

Location log



Is there a way to request location information about where a phone has been in the past and what towers it connected too. I need to obtain a location history to verify days and locations. Unfortunately Google location as not turned on in my Android phone.

I know in the past Telstra had the ability to provide the towers where data was transferred and listed it on my old bill.

Any suggestions appreciated.


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Champion (LVL:1)

Re: Location log

The support team should be able to obtain the same network data. I would try livechat as a first step.
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Re: Location log

Rookie (LVL:3)

Re: Location log

Ok, story goes...

I used Boost live chat first up, the consultant said it was against "privacy" laws, and said I would have to request such information through a police station. Smiley Tongue

I then rang the Boost 125 number, to be told that my mobile number, being an old Telstra business account number, was still housed in the legacy billing system, and that I would have to ring Telstra. She did provide my Telstra legacy account number.

I tried making the request through the online Telstra form

but it did not accept my account number.

I rang Telstra business support. They took my request and said that someone from "back office" would ring back. I waited 3 business days + weekend... nothing. I rang Telstra again, to be told there were no notes for my request. They then put me through to Maria at Boost, who has now taken my request again (but actually understood what I was asking for), and I await some kind of confirmation from "back office". 

Time will tell...

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