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Just about haD enough

Just about haD enough


Just about haD enough

I'm really over getting conflicting information in texts and other correspondence. "We're updating your plan, we'll tell you when"... "Changes to the service mean you will have to re-enter your payment details"... "Your service has been successfully updated... You have to install a new app and check your details"... The next day, my service drops out without warning. "Hi, to keep using auto recharge, you'll need to set it up again before your current recharge expires via the My Boost Mobile app"... "Hi, we've successfully updated your recharge details" Just received a message saying that my recharge can't occur until I've  downloaded the app and updated my details - which I've already done. So I go check and it says all my recharge details are fine. What the actual??? Does anyone have the number for Optus???


Re: Just about haD enough

Yes I am having the same grief. Phone not working. Asking me to install new app. New app not installing. Was on auto recharge, that has now failed.
Not happy Jan !!

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Re: Just about haD enough

@ynneBBenny wrote:

Asking me to install new app. New app not installing. 

What is the issue with installing the new app? I installed it today without any issues.

It made me create a Boost ID and link it to my phone number, but there was fairly straight forward.


Links to the new app in the app stores are:









* I am a Boost Australia customer. This is a peer to peer community where users help each other.

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Re: Just about haD enough

Agree. had enough here too... it is just awful. I think I am out of Boost. Any recomendation?

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Re: Just about haD enough

I hear ya! I'm so upset about Boost removing the ability to use premium (1900 number) service! Now I can no longer enter the Sunrise Cash Cow competition which I've been doing for 5+ years. I will be looking to change providers if this is not brought back. 

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Re: Just about haD enough

Aldiuse the telstra network and are cheaper and less hassle.