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Is this a spoof sms?

Is this a spoof sms?


Is this a spoof sms?


I need some help please regarding the following SMS. Wanted to call in person for help but this is absolutely impossible.


Got two Android phones in my name and just received the following SMS on the first one as follows:

Quote: "STATE?state=Active; (blue highlighted, active link);port=143;name=(my phone #);pw=(sequence of numbers & letters)" from sender phone number 125100474.

Is this message a genuine Boost/Telstra one or could it be a spoof SMS?

The txt received on my second mobile says pretty much the same but starts with STATE?state=NewAccount;server=(followed by same link, port, phone #, pw)


No idea as to what's going on and the meaning of this as I did not make any changes to any phone.