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Is apple music truly data free?

Is apple music truly data free?

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Is apple music truly data free?


Data Free Music streaming

21) Data Free on Telstra Mobile Network. Non-music streaming use such as downloads, video streaming and social interaction will attract data charges. Telstra FairPlay Policy applies. For use in Australia.

Boost's link to Data Free Apple Music T&C's 

Does 'non-music streaming' include album art, artist bio (etc)?  
 Basically, features that are essential to using apple music.  
 Apple music is ad-free, so I don't think thats an issue.

Does unlimited actually mean limited to 1.5mbps? 
  Like Telstra's $69 monthly plan that offers 40GB of data at
  maximum available speeds and unlimited data exceeding that
  at 1.5 Mbps.

Please excuse my ignorance if this question has been asked and answered before. 



Re: Is apple music truly data free?

How many songs can be stored?