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Is IOS9 chewing up my mobile data

Is IOS9 chewing up my mobile data


Is IOS9 chewing up my mobile data



I have had an iphone for nearly three years now, and up until 3 months ago was on a plan with Virgin Mobile that included 2GB data per month.  In all that time I never went over the data limit, and found 2GB was ample.


Changing to Boost, I got the extra 1GB plus the Sunday bonuses, which up until this week was again more than enough.


That all changed this week.  I recharged on 16 September, and by 25 September I had gone through 3GB!!  Then after talking with their support team that told me I had to turn mobile data off when using wifi (which I have never done in the past!!), I bought an extra 500MB, but between 1302 & 1318 on Friday, I used up 450MB!!!


The only thing I have done differently this week, was to download IOS9 - so am wondering if anyone else has found the same issue.  

I don't stream any music or videos through my phone, I only really use it to access Facebook, email, Google and a couple of games.....I just can't get over how quickly the data is suddenly getting chewed up.


Look forward to any feedback!!

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Re: Is IOS9 chewing up my mobile data



I am reading stories of a new feature if ios9 that causes data to be chewed up. It is called "WiFi assist". Basically it tries to subsidise your WiFi connection with mobile data connection. There have been some horror stories of people using huge amount of mobile data with this feature turned on.


Article here:



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