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How to check for outages or service disruptions

How to check for outages or service disruptions

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How to check for outages or service disruptions

If you are unable to use your Boost Mobile to send SMS, make calls or get online, it may be due to a disruption to Boost Mobile services. These issues can range from hardware faults to outages or scheduled maintenance on the mobile network infrastructure.


Scheduled Maintenance refers to times that we are performing regular planned maintenance on as well as upgrading exisiting infrastructure that can result in a temporary loss of service.

This can be frustrating becuase we rely on our phones so much. Because of this we have an online tool called the Service Status Page. On this page we provide updates on issues affecting our services across the country and when possible, provide an estimate restoration time so you know how long it will be until services are back up and running. 

This is a super easy tool to use where you can check for known issues in your area which may explain the interruption you’re experiencing.

The Service Status Page should always be your first checkpoint before calling Tech support.


There are 3 main sections of the Service Status Page which we will go through below.


Searching for known service disruptions


To search for issues effecting your services, all you need to do is enter your location as a postcode. When you are experiencing an issue on your Mobile Phone, you need to enter the postcode of your current location. If you are travelling or do not know the postcode, you can also search using your device location settings. For this to work, you must have location settings enabled on your computer or device. This can be done in Settings on most mobile devices and in your Browser Settings for computers.


You can also switch between Current, Scheduled and Completed service disruptions simply by clicking on each corresponding toggle circle in the search bar. This is a newer feature that was implemented after much customer feedback.


Once you have entered your postcode, hit the Enter key or click on the magnifying glass.


Updates to nation-wide/wide reaching outage events

Under the search bar, we regularly post information pertaining to nation-wide events that effect large numbers of customers.

For example there was recently a fire at an exchange building that caused misdirected SMS messages. Whilst these nation-wide issues are rare, the aim is to make this page the one-stop-shop to check for service disruptions to save you time and avoid any unnecessary phone calls. 

Interpreting outage information


If there are confirmed Current outages in your area, you will see the results of this in the Recent Events. This displays;


  • The type of service effected
  • The type of outage (Current Interruption or Scheduled Maintenance)
  • A short status explanation on what services may be effected (ie: if you have Cable internet, this will often effect cable Foxtel service)
  • The Start time – when outage was officially confirmed
  • The End time – This is the estimated restoration time (thisoften subject to change depending on the severity of the outage or fault and the technician reports on the progression of restoration)

Below you can see examples of what you would see if selecting Scheduled or Completed service disruptions.


Scheduled Event



Completed Event


Finally, we also include links to further support information. When your search comes up with no confirmed of scheduled outage information, it may mean you have a more complex device fault that may require technical support.


Often you will find the inforamtion your looking for without having to contact Tech Support.


If you go through all of the above steps and still having issues with your services, you can also contact us for support online via our Get Help page under "Need To Chat"


Re: How to check for outages or service disruptions

phone cut out of 4g and is on LTE with no internet? it was just working fine and my bill is up to date as of only a few days ago. why is this an issue?


Re: How to check for outages or service disruptions

My service has not been available at all for over a week now. contacted support and was told it woud be fixed by today. Still not working. Tower that I connect to is in Robb street from Essendon 3040 and is not working. I walk 20m up the road my phone switches towers and it works. Your map on Essendon 3040 is incorrect as well. PLEASE CAN SOMEONE RESOLVE MY ISSUE!
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Re: How to check for outages or service disruptions

wondering why I still keep going in and out of service.on both of my lines..i contacted boost mobile over a week ago and they said they would follow up and never did. What is going on??


Re: How to check for outages or service disruptions

Scheduled??  These outages have been going on for over a month.  I have missed hundreds of texts and dozens of phone calls due to my phone wsitting in limbo while my service goes back and forth.  I realize that its all due to the merger, but come on..