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How to change my offer (change Boost Pre-Paid Plans)

How to change my offer (change Boost Pre-Paid Plans)

Community Manager

How to change my offer (change Boost Pre-Paid Plans)

Boost offers change from time to time and so if you are on an old offer you may wish to switch across. Making the change is something that you can do on your phone in a few simple steps.

On your phone, open your favourite recharge option:

Boost Mobile App (available on Google Play™or iTunes App Store) (from your phone’s browser)
Dialing #111#

Go to “My Offer” then select “Change Offer” and follow the instructions.

Your inclusions will not change until you recharge again, so if you have an active recharge, it will still reflect the old offer until you recharge again. The next time you recharge you will have the new recharge options.

Once you change offers, you won’t be able to change back, so check the offer details carefully before you make the change.

As always, if you follow these instructions but are having difficulties changing your offer you can always get in touch with Boost Mobile for help online via Live chat (24hrs, 7 days) or by calling 125 8881 (8am-9pm, 7 days)


Re: How to change my offer (change Boost Pre-Paid Plans)

I want to change my prepaid plan from unlimited plus to anytime plus. I have tried through the app... online and it keeps saying error. Very disappointed with the customer service and unhappy with the current plan