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Hi guys,

This is a question for a friend who is also on boost. Basically her data isn't working. She hasn't run out or anything and she CAN connect her iPad to the hot-spot on her phone, but she can't use any apps that require the internet e.g. watsapp, snapchat etc. and she can't use the internet. 

Has this happened to anyone before??? Is it an issue with boost or with her phone? How do we fix it!?

If it helps, her phone is a Sony Xperia Z1 Compact.

Thanks in advance Smiley Happy

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When they check their account, do you see the data there?

If you do is think that it's an issue with the phone.

You might need to get in contact with Boost for more account specific info. Let us know how you go when you look at #111# or on your friends phone.

CORY | I do not work for Boost or Telstra.

Boost Care: 125 8881 or 1800 026 678 . Or Live Chat 24x7:
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1st off restart the phone..



check internet access on the phone first not on the device that is using the hotspot. turn off WIFI hotspot for the mean time


make sure WIFI is OFF and mobile data is ON


then access the internet on the device first.. if the internet is working on the phone then open up the hotspot again.

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I moved into a new house the first of May on Live Oak Island and found out it had No Wifi.  I thought it would as it has the Dish Network.  I have checked everyone and nobody provides Wifi service in the area.


I then checked into what I could do and got some advice.  The Hot Spot on my Galaxy S3 smart phone was suggested so I got a 2GB hot spot the biggest they had for $10.  That lasted me about a week so every week I got another 2 GBs or about 4 per month at $10 a spot.


Everything was working great.  I was able to use my laptop at home for months.  Over one month ago I started having problems.  I purchased a new 2 GBs and used it that night, but I lost connection and it would not connect No matter what I did.


I called Boost Mobile technical support and the technician told me I had used up my 2 GBs.  I told him No way as I just purchased it a couple of hours before.  He sort of argued with me and said it was used up.  I checked the data usage on my phone and he was right.  I had just purchased the 2 GBs that night and I did nothing different then e-mail and facebook.  I did not download anything.


Well after getting No help I decided to purchase another 2 GBs for $10 and the same thing happened it got used up in less than two hours.


I asked one of the IT guys at work and he asked if I could have a virus?  I checked my laptop later and I did seem to have a virus as my virus protection had expired.  I downloaded the Malware bytes protection and cleaned my Laptop.


I waited until the next evening and purchased another 2 GBs again and the same thing happened.  I tried different suggestions and nothing seemed to help.  I waited a week and tried again as I purchased another 2 GBs  This time I could not connect at all.


I tried bringing my office laptop home and trying to connect to my hot spot and then go on the Internet.  It connected to the Hot Spot fine just like my laptop does, but it would not load the Internet either, so I do not think it’s my laptop.


My smart phone has been acting real funny as it locks up and runs slow.  I do not know if maybe it has a virus or is burned out.  Maybe that’s the problem?


The one thing I have noticed when it will not connect to the internet it tries to connect to this site like it’s being redirected.



Hi @Rino


You have posted on the Boost Australia forum, I suggest you try visiting the Boost Mobile USA website found here:
Boost Mobile US


Good luck!



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