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Boost now using new data before rollover

Boost now using new data before rollover

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Boost now using new data before rollover

Is anyone really annoyed that Boost is now using the newest data before it starts on the rollover data.  This means that you don't get as much data to rollover, and if you use your 20gb, there is nothing to rollover at the end of the month.  Before the latest update, it would always use tour rollover data first, then start on the current month data, which means you will nearly always have data to rollover.  I am so P*ssed of that I im thinking of switching to Aldi, which is on the same network, $5 cheaper for the same data and has continuous rollover.

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Re: Boost now using new data before rollover

Be aware that there are 2 different network footprints on Telstra. They aren't the same in coverage or services offered.


Boost and Telstra have access to the full Telstra 3G/4G network footprint. This full footprint network reaches 99.4% of the population


All the other Telstra network MVNO's (Aldi, Belong, Woolies, etc) use the "Telstra Wholesale" footprint, which covers 98.8% of the population. And these also don't have access to services like VoLTE (4G calling) or VoWIFI (Wifi calling).

* I am a Boost Australia customer. This is a peer to peer community where users help each other.