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Boost Anytime Plus™ plan refresh

Boost Anytime Plus™ plan refresh

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Boost Anytime Plus™ plan refresh

We are always working hard to deliver the best value possible to our customers, so we’re making our Boost Anytime Plus™ plans more competitive than ever before. From 3rd July 2018, our Boost Anytime Plus™ plans will be getting an upgrade! New Boost customers and those on existing eligible plans will have increased data allowances, and will be able to talk and text to standard international numbers in more eligible destinations.


We’ve listened, and we know that our customers are looking for more data to do the things they love – like use social media. We also know that you care about your international call and text inclusions, meaning you can get in touch with family and friends in eligible destinations overseas.


What’s changed?

Selected recharges will receive more data and a greater selection of international destinations to call and text to than ever before, without Boost raising the price tag. From 3rd July 2018, new and existing Boost Anytime Plus™ customers will see the following additions on their next recharge:








Customer expiry

7 days

28 days

28 days

28 days

28 days

Standard National Calls & Text



1GB + 0.5GB extra

2.5GB + 0.5GB extra

5GB + 1GB extra


20GB + 10GB extra

Roll over

No roll over

Roll over unused data to use within your next recharge, when you recharge $30+ before expiry

IDD* to standard international numbers


UNLTD® IDD calls to 10 eligible destinations + 100 mins to 40 eligible destinations + 100 text to 50 eligible destinations*

UNLTD IDD calls to 15 eligible destinations + 100 mins to 35 eligible destinations + 100 texts to 50 eligible destinations*

All for use within Australia.


These changes will be on the current Boost Anytime Plus™ offer. Customers on UNLTD® or UNLTD Plus™ will need to change offers to get these inclusions.


For more information on these plans and to view the T&Cs, please visit


*Offer ends 25 February 2019. Visit to view eligible international destinations.

Amateur (LVL:3)

Re: Boost Anytime Plus™ plan refresh

What happens to the International inclusions after 25 February? Need to know if it's worth moving my offer from UNLTD PLUS if you're going to take away international calls in seven months

Rookie (LVL:3)

Re: Boost Anytime Plus™ plan refresh

Hi Boost


Can you please answer the above question. I'm on an old plan that has unlimited international. I'd like to upgrade plans, but not if I lose my international calls in February ?

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