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ASking for advice about phone plans

ASking for advice about phone plans

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ASking for advice about phone plans

I'm an old man, nearly 80, and I find it increasingly difficult to pick my way through confusing mobile phone/broadband internet plans. I'd be grateful if some smart young person can give me some advice.
Until now, I've had both a Boost $150/80GB phone plan (expiring next March) and a $70 per month unlimited data internet plan. Together they cost me about $1,000 a year.
Now that I'm on a part pension, I'm trying to get my regular payments down a bit, and it seems to me that my connections to the sky have a bit of overlap. My mobile is only used for a couple of calls and texts each day, and I don't stream any music, movies or TV, but I do use about 2GB of data per day on Zoom or Duo video calls to family in Europe, so I burn through about 700GB a year. If I cancelled the NBN internet plan I'd save $850 per year, but the $150 Boost 80GB would be exhausted in less than 2 months using the phone as a hotspot for my laptop video calls (which works fine).
So my question is this: what's the best way to have (a) a very basic mobile plan and (b) 700GB of data, for less than $1,000 per year?

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Re: ASking for advice about phone plans

For mobile phone, it would be hard to make much more savings than you are paying already (with Unlimited calls included, anyway).

For NBN, there are some slightly cheaper options if you consider different providers, slower tier speed, or maybe quota data (sounds like even 25/5 speed at 100GB/month would be plenty for your usage).

* I am a Boost Australia customer. This is a peer to peer community where users help each other.