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7T pro GB WhatsApp Issue

7T pro GB WhatsApp Issue


7T pro GB WhatsApp Issue

Hello everyone hope this is right place to post this question here,


I just got my 7T Pro McLaren edition and it's been a blast, love everything about it.

I am using GB WhatsApp which downloaded from here. while video calling with my girlfriend, I can't seem to use WhatsApp properly other than video calling. When I am video calling, the application seems to come to a halt, I can't navigate to other chats, when I close the application, the video call pop-up seems fine but I can't reopen the application back.

I am not sure this is the OS problem or the application itself but other applications seems fine to me.

Community Founder

Re: 7T pro GB WhatsApp Issue

It will likely be the result of using the modified app (it is not the official one).

Maybe try to download and use the app from the Google Play Store instead.


* I am a Boost Australia customer. This is a peer to peer community where users help each other.


Re: 7T pro GB WhatsApp Issue

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