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4GX telstra modem - won't accept activation

4GX telstra modem - won't accept activation


4GX telstra modem - won't accept activation

I bought an unlocked Telstra 4GX modem to provide wifi internet access to an Android tablet (Samsung).


I bought a Boost sim at Aust Post and the next day activated it, charged it with 12 months credit, and enabled autorecharge.  I received anemail saying:


Thanks for joining Boost. Your number xxxxxxxxxx, has been activated and you're ready to go.


Phone number


Plan name

Boost Anytime Ultra


The tablet connects to the sim, but then says "sign in to wifiSSID", and it takes me to a Boost webpage.  This page says I am out of credit.


There is a $200 pending transaction on my card - I did the activation last week.


The help line is useless as it insists on starting a messaging chat which I can't do on the modem.


How do I get to speak to someone to sort this out?