How do I bring my existing mobile number and phone to Boost Mobile?

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How do I bring my existing mobile number and phone to Boost Mobile?

Porting your number across to the new Boost Pre-paid Mobile service is as easy as:


1. Check that your phone is unlocked and 850MHz compatible 

2. Purchase a Boost Mobile SIM pack from a participating retailer, or online at
3. Go online to where you can use the Boost Live Chat service to port quickly and easily
4. You need to make sure that your name and DOB match up with your existing account and if you are porting over from a post-paid account, you'll need your account number. The operator will also need the SIM serial number which can be found on the Boost Mobile SIM pack to activate your service.
5. Porting can take up to 48 hours to go through.
6. If you have a phone that is 850MHz compatible but was previously used on a different network you will need to change some settings for your phone to work on the Telstra 3G Mobile network.

Alternatively if you want to port your new Boost Mobile service but don’t have internet access, you can
pop your new Boost Mobile SIM card into an 850MHz compatible handset.

Please wait a few minutes for the sim to register on the network and then call us on 125 8881.


If you are an existing Telstra customer wanting to port your number across, you will need to call up Boost Mobile customer care on 125 8881 or use live chat to request a Blank SIM card. Unfortunately, a Telstra to Boost port is restricted with the SIM cards available in retail and online and you will need to request a Blank SIM card before being able to port your number.